5 tips on how to properly drain your Kelowna swimming pool

The crisp (and beautiful) fall mornings have arrived in Kelowna, and with the cooler weather comes the need to drain swimming pools and water features.

For those of you planning to tackle this task over the coming days, here are five tips to help get you started…

1) Get rid of those chemicals - if you use chlorine in your pool, you must make sure it is de-chlorinated before you do anything else.

2) Take it slow - this is not a one-day job! Drain your pool slowly (at a low flow rate) over a number of days. You can use the water on a dry area of your property.

3) Don’t share - make sure any water you drain is on your property only. This isn’t an opportunity to water the neighbour’s yard.

4) (No) Drainin’ in the rain - if it starts raining while you are draining your pool or water feature, you are advised to put the task on hold until the weather improves.

5) Know your grates - if you have a saltwater pool, it should be discharged into the City’s sanitary sewer system. Please note; this is not the grates at the side of the road (that is the storm sewer, which we’ll come to shortly). The sanitary sewer system flows to the City of Kelowna’s Wastewater Treatment plant where it is managed and treated as necessary. These are the circular pipes with a lid that you see, or sometimes they are square containers that hold a pipe inside (the container often says “sewer” on it).

It’s your responsibility to handle the drainage of your pool and/or water features appropriately and it is very important. There’s a fine associated with the improper discharge of contaminated water. If you have any questions or concerns, you should contact the City of Kelowna’s Water Quality department.

Please bear in mind that all storm sewers (that’s the grates by the roadside/sidewalk) flow directly into Okanagan Lake untreated, so you should never put anything inappropriate for the lake in the storm sewer.

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