Kelowna Real Estate: 5 things you need to know right now

Kelowna real estate is hot right now.

Whether you’re looking to buy a home or you have a property for sale in Kelowna, these are the 5 things that you need to know right now.

  1. Inventory is low
    There are fewer homes on the MLS in Kelowna right now, which means that the market is favouring well-priced sellers. Prices are have come down this year and some of the best homes are seeing multiple offers. This is great news for investors looking to offload property or homeowners wanting to downsize, but for buyers? Well, that leads us to our next point.
  2. Deals still exist
    Kelowna real estate buyers may need to be a bit more patient right now, but there are still deals to be had. The key is to work with a dedicated buyer’s agent, prepare for making an offer when you find the one. If you’re ready to look beyond the shag rug and weeds in the yard, or to consider living in an up-and-coming neighbourhood, you will end up with a better investment in the long run.
  3. Kelowna is building up
    To help address the need for housing, the City has approved many new condo developments and some rental developments over the past couple of years. This will mean greater competition for those looking to sell older condos in coming months. On the other hand, your older condo likely has a lot more square footage so be sure to maximise that. If you’re a buyer, talk to your seller’s agent about the new condo developments in Kelowna and what you need to consider.
  4. Look to the future
    The City of Kelowna has recently announced that they intend to spend more time focusing on making the Capri/Landmark area their newest urban centre. Homeowners in this area may see an increase in infrastructure spending and development in the coming years, so get in while you can!

    John Hindle Drive was also recently completed, connecting Glenmore Road to UBC-O and the Kelowna International Airport. Both neighbourhoods will benefit from additional transportation routes and increased demand.
  5. Kelowna’s zoning changes
    As the City looks to build denser communities, they are changing zoning in some neighbourhoods. A property with RU6 zoning can have two dwellings, often in the form of a basement suite or carriage house. The City’s Infill Housing Challenge resulted in the creation of the RU7 zone. This new zone applies to over 700 properties in Central Kelowna, allowing for the construction of two to four units on one property, depending on the lot size and area.

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